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I've got this for phone and wanted it on pc I even bought it on my phone do I have to rebuy it for pc now?

I have several " hidden objects" games and have really enjoyed playing Vampireville until I got to Chapter 18. I have spent approx. 2 days trying to sort the blood groups out.I had no trouble picking up the blood in the Pipette after that, no go. Its not a mini game so I cant pass it over. Anybody else managed to get over this ??

On Thu, Dec 22, 2016 at 10:53 PM, NevoSoft Support <support@nevosoft.com> wrote: Hello, Thank you for contacting Nevosoft support! There are a lot of hits and walk through for this game - just Google it and find the answer. Vampireville has passed through a lot of QA and we are sure that all chapters are playable. Here's what the walkthrough says about the problem: "Use the pipette to take some Type A Antibodies and place drops into the first two samples on the slide." However, I've tried touching the tip of the pipette to the A vial (as I did to collect blood), clicking on A vial's cap (in case it needs to be removed first), and click-and-dragging A. If neither anyone on line nor even the company that produced the game can say how to get the antibodies into the blood samples, I conclude the game simply doesn't play past that point.

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