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Рецензия к игре ""

Game review
09.11.2013  00:04:06
Game rate:

This had the potential to be a really GREAT game but it failed and was frustrating. I'm reviewing the UPDATED version which was released a few weeks afterward. This is kinder.
You have to pay gems for everything. Temporary level power ups permanent game bonuses and decorations all cost gems. Even if you get gold on all the levels and complete all of the bonus task you WILL NOT have enough to buy even a third of the possible items. This is even after you don't use your gems for power ups. I conserved gems by not buying temporary power ups during the level. With gold on every level and completing all bonus tasks, you will earn less than 2000 gems. This includes the 500 you start with. To buy all of the store items you will need 7500 gems for relaxed and 8500 for difficult mode. Replaying levels will only give you an insignificant amount of the extra gems.

I like that it fell into the strategy\time management genre. The updated version has a relaxed option.

The achievements are glitched. You can't reactivate a power up or bonus because the game does not allow it. This makes it IMPOSSIBLE to achieve Long Bonus. I got a message saying I earned an achievement but the banner is still grayed out. Cluttered game screen with things constantly moving such as green circles to let you know you can upgrade a building make it IMPOSSIBLE to find hidden object items. No one should have to pay for temporary power ups. They should refill over time. Store items are ridiculously high.

The graphics were okay. Lots of brown. Screen was too cluttered. Finding hidden items or buildings was difficult at times. Finding the cats is proof of this.

Gameplay was hindered by long, drawn out text that obscured the screen. The game needed a skip dialogue button. Having an extremely long rectangle at the top or bottom of my screen that hid resource buildings or resources was extremely maddening. My timer is ticking.

The quality of the game is nowhere near my My Kingdom for The Princess. It is quite a few steps backwards. I'm very disappointed with this game.

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